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but what the hell is remka?

"Cute Japanese-style digital paintings set to often-serious themes." Matt Forsythe, on Drawn.ca

My name is Jérôme Sénaillat, I was born in France in 1978.
I like punkrock, giant pepperoni pizzas, conceptual art and illustration. Also I love cats but I'm allergic to them - I guess it's an impossible love.

I spent four years learning illustration, animation and graphic-design in School Emile Cohl, in Lyon (France).
Then worked as a graphic and webdesigner in Paris, in-house, in freelance and with agencies, while keeping on illustration and painting (press, personal expositions, etc.). I also took part in different other projects, including character design or mobile devices games design.

Interested in Japan for many years, I managed to learn japanese language (and to get a japanese language and civilisation BA) in the meanwhile, in the french university INALCO (AKA Langues'O, Paris).

Remka means nothing. It's just a nickname from when I was younger and doing graffiti.

I'm living in Tokyo since march 2006, working as an illustrator, graphic/webdesigner.
Don't hesitate to contact me for commission work, for a feedback on my work, or maybe to shout me your love (or your hate, who knows).